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Sexual Magick 101

Sex is magick. It is alchemy. It's an energetic flow and process that, at its most powerful state, allows us to channel energy, to manifest and create. It's much more than most of us were ever taught. For many, the information we've heard since our youth, regarding sex and its role in our lives, has not inspired us to explore the extent of our sexual power. But, it's never too late to discover our potential to create our reality with our body - as we attract and project what we want to manifest into existence here on this third dimension, using our sexual energy.


Sexual magick is the act of creating energetic change through thought and astral travel during a sexual encounter or ritual. This can happen with one person during masturbation, between partners, or among a group (the Universe is beyond the social stigmas we so often limit ourselves to). As long as there is a will to work with your sexual energy based on an understanding of how it flows, you and your partner's gender is insignificant. As for what you can manifest with this type of work, there are no limitations. I once read a post that called it "silly" to use sexual magick to manifest anything other than love. But, this couldn't be farther from the truth, and demonstrates a complete misunderstanding of what sexual magick is. It is a way to move, or channel energy to manifest an intention that you've set. Your intention can be for whatever you can imagine - planetary healing, protection, wealth... and yes, even love.


Sexual magick comes naturally to some - you may be instinctively drawn to it, if you already enjoy sex. But, it can also be liberating to those who have temporarily lost touch with their sense of sexual pleasure. On my own path, I've learned to master my sexual energy and take control of my magnetic power, which used to overwhelm me. I'm able to use my magnetism and sexual appeal as I wish; I no longer allow others to influence what I do. As a survivor of sexual abuse, my ritual practice has given me power and control over my body... not through power and control directly, but through the process of understanding my body, listening to it, and learning how to move energy through it, as I will it. Sexual magick is about much more than sex; it's about healing, too.


I could ramble on about the many taboos about sex, but since you're reading this, my guess is that you're open-minded to ideas about this topic. I will mention that it's both fascinating and devastating that most people feel comfortable (or de-sensitized) when viewing violence on their screen, yet they feel shame when talking about their body, or about sex. As a society we glorify death, violence and murder, while attaching shame to the act of celebrating life through sex.

We've strayed from the ancient views of sex as a healing act that celebrates and creates life, fun and pleasure - for all genders. Our limiting views of the importance of sexual enjoyment have gone so far in some societies as to support the surgical removal of a woman's clitoris, a source of orgasmic pleasure, through female genital mutilation. Humanity must do better. We can start by realizing that sex is an act, not a "sin". Choosing a lover selectively is vital to our well-being, but to shame someone for their sexual desires is absurd, cruel and has been a huge obstacle for our evolution as a collective. There are endless benefits of allowing ourselves, and one another, to love sex and to love our bodies - just as we are and without shame. Sexual magick is a tool that can help us accomplish this.


If you haven't yet explored the joy of sexual magick, you may wonder what's involved and how to begin. I suggest being willing to explore, learn and practice at your own pace, without too much concern for having a specific outcome. If this is a journey you wish to explore, try to open up to the vast possibilities of your mind, soul and body as you freely explore your union with the Universe. Here are a few tips to get started:

  • Release your inhibitions. If you've experienced conditioning due to societal norms, or if you've suffered the trauma of sexual abuse, this may have led to insecurities, inhibitions, or feelings of guilt and shame, which have prevented your enjoyment of sex. The journey of exploring your sexual magick is a transformative process that begins by acknowledging our unhealed wounds and opening up to our potential to experience healing and transformation. The more freedom you allow yourself by welcoming whatever range of emotions and experiences come to you, the more fulfilling your journey will be.

  • See your body as an altar; in fact, it is. The penis is a wand - it directs and projects energy. The vagina is a chalice - it receives, attracts and absorbs energy. I would like to note, that with practice, women can also learn to project energy. While these parts of the body are especially powerful, other parts of the body can be used in similar ways. As you discover the immense capability you have to use your body to attract and project energy, you'll grow more confident in your abilities (in your mental power and sexual energy) and how to use them.

  • Explore your own body and sexual energy without using pornography. When you use pornography, you're seeking stimulation by focusing on an external source, instead of creating or channeling your own visualizations that result from your divine connection to Source energy. Pornography limits your imaginative and sexual experience to the energy of what you see. The Universe is so much bigger than that one scene, or the people participating in it. Allow your imagination to expand beyond that. Disclaimer: I'm not against all pornography. I am, however, very cautious about how it's used. If your goal is to strengthen your ability to work with sexual energy, the use of pornography will delay this substantially.

  • Visualize, visualize, visualize... and then visualize some more. This is so important. Whether you're using your sexual energy to make an offering to a deity, to manifest healing or money, or to bind an already committed partner to you, the ritual begins in your mind, not in your bedroom (or shower, or wherever you perform your ritual). Daydreamers are often inaccurately considered "lost" by those in the matrix who don't yet understand the immense power of imagination. In the spirit realm, daydreamers are undeniably powerful, due to their strong ability to connect with the astral realm with their thoughts. The most powerful sexual magick rituals involve astral travel, so being comfortable with "getting lost in your mind" is very helpful.

  • Be free. Moan. Scream. Grunt. Breathe freely. If you don't live alone, it may be awkward or challenging to give yourself the space and privacy you'd like to feel this free. But when you do, you may notice a significant difference in your level of sexual pleasure. It makes a difference when you don't have to be conservative because of your immediate surroundings, housemates, or neighbors. Note: This isn't a dealbreaker, but it is very helpful.

  • While it's not necessary to work with deities or planets, if you already feel drawn to them or work with them, this will easily take your sexual magick practice to an elevated level. You can use your energy to give offerings, to infuse energy, receive energy or direct it elsewhere. Communicate with your spirits prior to performing a ritual. Personally, I allow them to confirm with me that they will work with my sexual energy, as some deities may prefer a different type of working (i.e. a candle ritual, a traditional offering, etc.).

  • The time may come when you're ready to use your abilities with a lover. However, this is not necessary. In truth, the Universe is your partner, as well as any deities you work with. But if you have a loving, respectful partner who offers you the freedom and support to perform sexual rituals, this can be a very rewarding experience. While you can perform a ritual without your partner knowing, it's also a beautiful experience to set an intention together and move your energy in the same direction, for more manifesting power.

  • Go outside to connect with the elements around you, and with Mother Nature. Being naked outdoors under the Full Moon is magickal, but sex magick under the Full Moon is something I can't explain in this post alone. Connecting with Nature during sex is just as natural as sex itself, and it's worth every minute of the planning it takes to make sure your neighbors don't catch you!

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These ritual blends are excellent to support you as you align your vibration with a frequency of confidence and passion - an excellent foundation for your sexual magick rituals.

I wish you peace, joy & many blessings.



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