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Here's what some of my clients have to say:

"I just wanted to let you know how thankful I am for the reading. It confirmed a lot of things and I feel relieved to know the truth. I'm not gonna lie, I was NERVOUS because I never had a reading before but I felt so at ease with you. I appreciate it and I'm excited about my healing session. Thank you Trini!"  ~Sharon, FL
"Very glad I found you. You were so patient and easy to talk to. To be honest it was better than a therapy session. Looking forward to the ritual work."   ~Dante, VA
"Trini has been reading for me for about a year now. She always takes her time to answer my questions. She's very special and I will always be a loyal customer. I appreciate the resources she gives to help me after she reads for me. Always very encouraging and honest too."   ~Linda, NM
"I love that you love what you do. It shows and your energy makes me happy. The whole time I felt like I was talking to my psychic auntie! Thank you for the meditation tips too. I've been sleeping much better. Told my sister about you because she needs some support. Love you!"  ~Arika, MD
"Trini! I got my oil in the mail yesterday. I followed the steps you gave and I feel so good! Last night I left it on my night table because the energy is just divine."    ~Viviana, VA
"Reading was very much on point, okay?!! Like you said, deep down I knew what was up but it feels so good to have things confirmed. Working on trusting myself more. I know what I need to do now and a burden has been lifted."    ~Tati, VA
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