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The Purpose of Depression - From an Energetic Perspective

Updated: May 11, 2021

Understanding the Phenomenon & Its Role In Your Spiritual Journey

How is depression defined in the medical world?

According to medical healthcare professionals (, depression is, “…a mood disorder that causes a persistent feeling of sadness and loss of interest.” As a spiritual worker, I understand the importance of defining depression from an energetic perspective. After all, many people who seek spiritual help of some kind (from an energy worker, counselor or minister) have experienced a bout of depression, or even painful extended periods of extreme sadness.

What is depression from an energetic perspective?

From an energetic standpoint, depression is not a “disorder” at all. It is a message, or signal from the mind, body and soul (working in unison) to communicate a critical need. This signal of depression serves as an alert when something within us or around us is not in alignment with our essential truth. Energetically, our vibration lowers and we feel that we are heavy and weighed down. It’s almost as if we are “under pressure” to bring resolution to something that is not in agreement with our soul’s true path.

General Types of Depression That We Experience:

Depression that results from an inner misalignment, typically occurs due to a traumatic event that occurred in the past (neglect, abuse, mistreatment, manipulation, abandonment, loss of a loved one, physical trauma, etc.). Our memories and the emotions we carry from the past are stored within our psyche and when a trauma is left unresolved, depression is often a result. In some cases, inner misalignments become apparent many years after the trauma occurred. There are several reasons for this: someone may not be aware of the impact an experience had on them at the time of a traumatic event, or they may not have adequate support and guidance to process their feelings. In other cases, a hectic lifestyle that doesn’t allow the time, focus and reflection that is needed, delays the healing process. Regardless, the body, mind and spirit will send an alert for healing when it’s needed the most.

Some inner misalignments indicate natural areas of need for your soul’s evolution. Such needs are often reflected in your natal chart’s astrological and planetary placements. The square aspects in your natal chart typically indicate areas where growth is needed. For example, a person with a square between Mercury and Saturn, may have difficulty communicating freely and with confidence. If they struggle with this to the point of becoming depressed, the depression would indicate a need to gain confidence and step out of their comfort zone when expressing themselves. Depression that stems from these types of energetic conflicts in the natal chart, is meant to inspire personal evolution through experience and the mastery of sometimes difficult (but karmic-releasing) lessons.

Depression that results from an external misalignment, results from any current relationship you maintain with a person, place or thing that is not in agreement with your soul’s path. External misalignments often occur if you have a spouse, friend, career or living space that is not benevolent or beneficial to you. Your spirit, body and mind work together to indicate that this situation is not in agreement with your purpose. You may feel sad to the point of being physically ill when on your way to work, or when in the presence of a spouse, friend or family member. If this sadness occurs over an extended period, there is undoubtedly an important message that something about the situation or relationship is detrimental to your soul.

I experienced depression due to an external misalignment for over a decade because I refused to admit that my career was not the best choice for me. I took medication to counteract the signals my body was sending me, instead of heeding them. I was afraid of change, feeling like I had failed and was afraid to let go of the identity I developed as a classroom teacher. The depression I felt resulted from holding onto something that was not on my soul’s path. This is a common situation for many people who are afraid to leave a relationship or set boundaries in a relationship with a partner, friend or family member.

I’m Feeling Depressed; What Can I Do About it?

I recommend the following steps to anyone struggling with depression, who is interested in alternative methods of healing, self-reflection and energy work:

  • Acknowledge how you feel, without judgement. Recognize that the depression / sadness / heaviness / etc. has come to reveal something about yourself; to align you with your true path and purpose. Release any shame that you feel and be patient and gentle with yourself through this process.

  • When in quiet thought or reflection, allow yourself to explore the origin of your sadness. This is best done through self-inquiry, quiet reflection (or meditation) and patience. When do you feel depressed? When did it begin? Do other emotions stem from this sadness (i.e. frustration, fear, embarrassment, etc.? Explore whatever questions come to you, without an expectation or pressure to receive answers to your questions in the moment. The answers you need will come to you at the right time. The key is to have patience with your process and be open to receive Divine guidance.

  • In time, the depression’s ultimate lesson (or purpose) will come to you. For example, is there something you need to release from your past? Is there a fear that needs to be addressed? Do you need to change your career path? Would you benefit from setting boundaries with a friend? Is there an insecurity within you that needs to be healed? This step involves a great deal of honesty with yourself and reflection as you begin to identify the source of the depression and determine what changes are needed.

  • Gain courage to make necessary changes in your life. This requires faith, motivation and patience. Essentially, this is the stage where you begin to create, or manifest, the life that you want, as you align with your soul’s unique path. You may prefer to do this alone, or you may benefit from receiving help from others. Finding a healer, support group, or counselor that is a good fit for you and supports you to make the changes that are best for you, can be invaluable. If you seek help from a licensed mental healthcare provider, I strongly urge you to find someone who offers holistic therapy, which addresses the needs of the entire Self: body, mind and spirit. If someone suggests that you take prescription medication without receiving therapy that meets your needs, don’t walk away, run! It's worth it to take the time to find a healthcare provider who truly supports your needs, not a "quick-fix" approach.

  • Take care of your physical and emotional health. Explore ways to keep your vibration high. By doing things that you genuinely enjoy, spending time outdoors and nurturing your body, you will strengthen the connection between your mind, body and soul and you'll be much more open to receive Divine guidance as you heal.

From an energetic perspective, depression is not a “disorder” at all. It is not to be avoided, but explored. To become self-aware and evolve is a life-long process, and depression is one of the many symptoms humans experience that help us heal, grow and to live authentically according to our soul’s path and true purpose.

Affirmation: I remain true to my soul and I am open to lessons of self-love and awareness. I embrace my true path and align my priorities with my purpose.

Thank you so much for reading this post. If you enjoyed it, please share it with someone you love.

Peace, joy & many blessings to you!

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Disclaimer: The author of this post is not a medical doctor. The information in this post does not replace the counsel of a medical healthcare professional. Nothing in this post is meant as a prescription or as medical advice. You should check with your physician before implementing any changes in your exercise or lifestyle habits, especially if you have physical ailments or are taking medications of any kind.

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