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Tips to Begin Exploring Your Mediumship Abilities

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

When most people think about mediumship (receiving messages from the spirit realm) they recall images they’ve seen in horror movies. Frightening scenes of seances gone wrong and ghostly beings that terrorize people are enough to scare most anyone from delving into the spirit realm, and understandably so. Fear generated by movies, TV shows, myths and religious dogma, has discouraged so many people from exploring their spiritual gifts. They shut themselves off from an entire realm of existence that will offer so much understanding, healing and growth, if they're open to it. If you’re curious about what it’s like to communicate with spirits, or you’re ready to begin a journey to strengthen your mediumship abilities, the following information is for you.

What Does Communication With Spirits Look Like?

If communication with the spirit realm doesn’t look like anything we’ve seen in The Shining, Poltergeist, or The Exorcist, what does it look like? In all honesty, different spirits appear in different ways to different people. The way a spirit appears to me or communicates with me, may be different from how it interacts with someone else. Spirits will find the easiest way to communicate with us based on our perceptions and our own spiritual gifts. If you are naturally clairvoyant, you'll likely visualize spirits before you hear them. If you are naturally clairaudient, it will be easier for you to hear spirits than see them. However, as you understand and develop your spiritual gifts, you will create more ways for spirits to connect with you, and messages will come through stronger and with more clarity. Allow your process to unfold naturally. See the image below to help determine what your natural spiritual strengths are, but keep in mind that as you grow spiritually, more of your gifts will awaken and develop.

How Do I Begin Working With My Mediumship Abilities?

If you’ve been fearful of spirit communication, but have a desire to explore it, I recommend the following steps to help overcome fear and open yourself up safely to communicating with the spirit realm.

1. Develop a spiritual practice that works for you. Whether you meditate regularly, honor your ancestors, spend time in nature, practice yoga, etc., it’s important to connect with the spirit realm in a way that feels natural to you. Doing these things (or whatever works for you) on a consistent basis, will open up your auric (energetic) body and your mind to begin receiving messages from Spirit. Meditation is helpful because it strengthens our imagination - a powerful tool that Spirit uses to communicate with us. The more we tune into ourselves, the easier it will be to receive information from the spirit realm.

2. Let go of fear. This is a BIG step that requires time and patience with yourself. Most people have been programmed to fear things that are not seen with their physical eyes. The truth is that all spirits come to us to teach us something, whether they are high vibrational, or low. They do not want to kill or torture; they simply exist to provide experiences for our evolution, and for theirs as well. You have the power to direct any spirit as you wish (allowing it to remain with you or sending it away), so there is no need to feel threatened or afraid. When people explore the spirit realm and encounter a dark or seemingly threatening energy, they often allow fear to set in, which breeds more fear. However, every entity comes to us to help us learn and grow, in one way or another. They wish to teach us and to be understood.

3. State your desire. If you wish to have more communication with the spirit realm, let your Spirit Allies / Guides know. Talk with them and let them know that you are open to energetic exchanges with the spirit realm, that will help you grow on your path. This will open you up energetically to the guidance you’ll need to connect with entities that wish to teach you and help you on your spiritual path.

4. Keep all pathways of communication open. There are so many ways that Spirit communicates with us. You may see animals that send you a message, you may see repeating numbers, have vivid dreams, or see a message in a book or hear one in a song. Spirits also connect with us through our clair abilities (see the image above), through any of our senses or through our inner knowing. Be open to receive messages from Spirit in the unique ways that it wishes to connect with you.

5. Use every interaction as an opportunity to learn and grow. At some point on your journey, an individual entity will likely communicate with you. This is nothing to fear, and is a wonderful opportunity to learn and gather information to help us grow. Whenever this happens to me, the first thing I do is ask, “Why have you come to me?” This is such a simple question that yields amazing results. When you realize that every energy is present to evolve us on our journey, fear will no longer impede your growth. Even spirits that are low vibrational will explain their purpose and help us to learn important lessons. In many cases, low vibrating spirits serve the purpose of motivating us to grow to a higher level, inspiring our freedom from limiting or toxic behaviors, relationships, thought patterns or ancestral patterns. There is a lesson to learn during every interaction with a spirit. If you ask their purpose, they will tell you.

6. Understand and exercise your spiritual power. It’s important to determine where your desired frequency is and what energy you wish to maintain on your journey. Once you have the information you were seeking from an entity, you have the power to determine whether it continues with you on your journey, or not. This is an incredibly peaceful process. You’ll develop your own method, but once I’ve conversed with the entity, I inform it that only entities that vibrate on the frequency of divine love are welcome to continue with me on my journey. I then ask it if it wishes to vibrate on that frequency and remain with me, or leave peacefully. At that point, the entity will either dismiss itself, or will integrate with my positive frequency, and ascend with me. This process requires a deep understanding of where you stand, and the energy that you are willing (or not willing) to carry with you on your journey.

7. Give thanks and have patience with your process. As with all experiences, the journey of strengthening our ability to communicate with the spirit world is so much more fulfilling when we go at the pace that’s right for us. When we put too much pressure on ourselves to grow and experience certain things, we shut off our energetic flow. Acknowledge every interaction that you have with Spirit and reflect on what you learned. It's very helpful keep a record of your astral experiences so that you can always remember and reflect on your growth (you may find it useful to use a journal or voice recording app to do this; I personally enjoy the apps Penzu and Lucidity).

The path to strengthening our mediumship abilities, drastically increases our level of self-awareness and our connection with the Universe. With each spiritual experience, we grow more enlightened and in tune with our divine nature as our consciousness expands.

Peace, joy and many blessings to you!

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