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THE ULTIMATE PROTECTION BLEND. Protect yourself from negative frequencies & low vibrations. Invoke the fiery protection of Mars, Goddess Durga & other protective energies.



-Contains Epsom salt, Himalayan salt, olive oil (protection), cinnamon (protection), pine (protection), bay (protection), sweetgum (protection), & other herbs and roots.

Can't Touch This! Ritual Bath Salts



    Add about 1 tablespoon of salts to bathwater. May also be used on wet skin a scrub. Visualize your intention during use. You’ll receive an affirmation card with your order, to support your manifestation process.


    -Imbued / charged with Divine energy 


    -10 oz package. External use only. Do not ingest. Keep out of reach of children.


    -NOTE: If you’re allergic or sensitive to fragrance oil (perfume), please indicate in the notes section during checkout that you’d like your product custom-made WITHOUT fragrance oil. There is no extra charge for this.

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