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Bound by Love: Rituals to Support & Protect A Happy Love Life

If you're unfamiliar with what a love binding spell or ritual is, I define it as an energetic working (spell) performed with the intention of maintaining fidelity, keeping passion between you and warding off the negative intentions others may have to bring harm to your relationship or marriage. This work is about protecting the connection you have, in order to avoid infidelity, misery, separation and divorce. Any working can be altered based on the needs and desires of the person doing the spell, but this is the gist of most love binding spells. These types of rituals are varied and may be done with a simple freezer spell, a ritual done during sex, or the most elaborate candle spell... with or without all the 'bells and whistles'.

When performed with a steady intention and a deep connection to the work, love binding spells are very effective. But, as with any type of spell work, with great power comes great responsibility. I'll share some tips about binding a lover to you, which are based on my experiences with spiritual work and my own spiritual journey.

When Is Love Binding Most Effective?

Love binding isn't always the most appropriate measure for every situation. The only case in which I suggest binding a lover to you, is when they've already made a commitment to you (i.e. living together, engagement, marriage). Binding shouldn't be confused with attracting a partner - that's a different type of working that's often used to draw a lover to you, or to spark their interest in you. If you're manifesting a love relationship, love attraction and magnetism can be useful options for this stage (it's best when the focus is on yourself to produce magnetism, as many love spell workings can easily produce undesirable results if the person you attract isn't a good fit for your path, or if they're not ready for a relationship). Binding involves the protection of a bond that has already been established between committed lovers.

The goals of this work are to maintain fidelity, to keep passion between you and to ward off the negative intentions others may have to bring harm to your relationship or marriage.

We're Committed, Is It A Good Idea To Perform a Love Binding Ritual?

If you're in a committed relationship, but are currently experiencing problems between you and your person, I suggest taking the necessary steps to address those issues from all aspects, both on a mundane and an energetic level. Spiritually, there's energy clearing work, protection and even domination binding that can be done to help eradicate negative behavior patterns. If there are grave issues of any kind, (i.e. abuse, addictions, cheating) it's important to deal with these issues in a way that addresses and supports your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. Please don't expect magick rituals to be a "fix-all". For example, if you have a cheating husband who is abusive, don't depend solely on a spell to eradicate the negative behavior. Consider whether legal, medical or therapeutic intervention is needed. If you're in a relationship that's stable and not excessively toxic (there is no perfect relationship & there's always room to grow), love binding work is an excellent way to ensure that it continues to grow stronger, with good vibes between you.

Now, with all that said...

Here Are 5 of My Favorite Ways To Bind Your Lover To You

NOTE: I demonstrate and include additional information about them in the video below, if you prefer to have visuals.

Freezer Spell

This is a simple and very effective method of binding:

1. Write your intention on a piece of paper (i.e. My husband / wife / lover ____________ and I are bound together in love, passion, prosperity, good health and fidelity. Our connection is protected from all energetic attacks and low vibrations). In the blank, be sure to write their name. This is a very brief example. Include the details that are important to you.

2. Place the paper in a Ziploc bag.

3. Take time to focus on your intention.

4. Fill the bag halfway with water and place it in the freezer. Leave it there.

5. Know that the work is done.

Sexual Magick

Energetic ties are created and strengthened each time you have sex with someone. This method of binding directs the sexual energy between you to form a strong bond between you. If you're a woman, this type of ritual is even stronger when performed during menstruation. Menstrual blood is a powerful, primordial force that has a very strong energetic impact on your partner.

  1. Prior to sex, set your intention (i.e. Each time ____________ and I make love, the bond between us grows stronger. At the point of climax, their energy is bound to me in love, lust and fidelity. They never stray from our bond, and are committed to me in love, happiness and pure satisfaction.) This is a brief example, edit it to your liking.

  2. As you have sex, visualize the work being done. Stay with it until you, your partner, or both of you reach orgasm.

  3. Additional information is provided in the video below, if you're interested in this method.

Candle Magick

This type of working requires the most preparation, but as you prepare, you're putting your thoughts and energy into the working, so it is beneficial. Allow the process of shopping for candles, preparing them and arranging your ritual on an altar, to be a labor of love. Good energy makes all the difference.

  1. I recommend purchasing a face-to-face lovers candle (as seen in the image at the top image).

  2. Energetically cleanse all materials that you'll use.

  3. Anoint the candle with an appropriate oil that's designed to promote fidelity, love and lust. Protection is excellent to use as well.

  4. Gather herbs such as rose, hibiscus and magnolia leaves to include in the ritual (choose whatever you're drawn to that has an appropriate correspondence with your intention).

  5. Write your petition and place it underneath the prepped candle; I explain how to write your petition in the video below.

  6. Light the candle and focus on your intention as you stay with the working.

  7. Know that the work is done.

In this ritual, the candle burned in the shape of a heart. Spirit often sends messages regarding how the ritual is progressing, through shapes such as this during candle rituals.

If you'd like to know more, or see the rituals demonstrated / explained, click the video below:

I wish you peace, joy & many blessings.

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